• Sawaid

    It is a brotherly and supportive office for our legal works. It is the first facility specialized in submitting and following up execution applications before execution courts, which requires speed and quality in execution.

    Why sawaid Created

An office specialized in the implementation of legal affairs in a professional manner in accordance with the regulations adopted in the Saudi system


Provide quick and accurate procedural services in accordance with a professional legal scope


Sincerity in work, transparency and speed of performance, Secretariat

Why sawaid Created

Because the implementation of the provisions require a lot of time and effort and follow-up ongoing in the courts of implementation, we liked to devote our operational services in an independent private office under the supervision of lawyers and consultants from the office of Saud Ibrahim al-Hammam law firm

Executive Services

Executive Services


Judgments, decisions and orders issued by the courts.


The provisions of the arbitrators assigned to the execution order in accordance with the arbitration system.


Execution of commercial papers (bill of lading, check, bill of exchange)


Authorized Contracts and Edited.


Minutes of reconciliation issued by the authorized bodies or ratified by the courts.


Judgments, judicial orders and judgments of arbitrators and certified editors issued in a foreign country.


Ordinary papers that recognize the entitlement of their content in whole or in part.


Contracts and other papers which have the power of enforcement under the Law.